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Zac ramos

Zac Ramos is a water photo/cinematographer who sees the ocean not just as a playground,

but as a blank canvas for his creative ideas. He enjoys capturing a variety of imagery in the water such as empty waves, surfers and people.

Zac also, has 10 years in experience with photo, video and graphic design editing.

Zac started shooting in 2009 and graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a BA in Multimedia Cinematic Productions and continues to pursue his work freelancing.


Zak Noyle - “..consistently impressed by the compositions and colors he uses,

from the moment of capture I feel like I am transported there just through a single image..”

Scott Aichner - “..everything we love in photography: Happy, smiling, and yeah I want to be there! ”

Ryan Beppu - “Dynamic” is the word I would use to describe his work.

Brad Masters - “Really unique,  the way he looks at things and captures that

moment really makes me look at moments to capture differently..”

Clients and Previous Work

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